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How was the world perceived 500 years ago? What was life like at the docks in Barcelona in 1492?And on board a caravel? What were the voyages of Columbus to the “New World” like? Was he really the first one to arrive there?

We wonder about all this and we find the answers together. We learn how to locate these events in an symbolic timeline, and we touch and smell food we use daily that came from America and Asia, such as spices and cocoa.

And, why not? We think about the history and suppression of the native, slavery and the relevance of respect and morals of different peoples and cultures with the kids.

We visit Casa Xifré and we become detectives to rediscover, in its façade, elements related to the sea, the exotic tropics, and the indiano heritage in Barcelona. This way, we can understand the economical and exotic wealth the “discovery of America” brought to Spain.

On weekdays, we try to finish our tour in Casa Gispert, one of the oldest colonial shops in the city, where we can still feel the smell and the mysticism of the past

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Old town
Av. de les Drassanes, s/n
Barcelona, Barcelona

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